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Shellfish & Seafood

Shellfish & Seafood
41FG47 Jumbo Scampi 20/301 x 454 g
41FG53 Supreme Scampi 10/201 x 454 g
41FG61 Half Shell Clams1 x 1kg
41FG59 Seafood Cocktail1 x 1kg
41FG74 Luxury Seafood Cocktail1 x 1kg
41FG217 Cooked Clam Meat1 x 454 g
41FG46 Crabmeat 50/501 x 454 g
41FG46 White Crabmeat1 x 454 g
41FG24 Baby Cuttlefish1 x 1kg
41FG03 Whole Shell Mussels5 x 1kg
41FG50 Half Shell Mussels1 x 1kg
41FG60 Mussel Meat1 x 454 g
41FG117 Block Whole Octopus NOM1 x 2-3kg
41FG161 Block Whole Octopus NOM1 x 3-4 kg
41FG18 BAG Baby Octopus1 x 1kg
41FG51 Block Whole Octopus NOM1 x 1-2 kg
41FG110 Queen Scallops Roe On1 x 1 kg
41FG111 King Scallops Roe On1 x 1kg
41FG140 U10 Squid Tubes1 x 1kg
41FG149 Californian Baby Squid1 x 454 g
41FG69 Tentacle Squid 21/401 x 1kg
41FG70 Tentacle Squid 11/201 x 1kg
41FG39 Squid Tubes U51 x 1kg
41FG26 Crabsticks1 x 1kg
41FG91 Blanchbait1 x 454 g
41FG38 Whitebait1 x 454 g

We offer a wide range of whole and portioned fish and seafood. As with our dessert range these have been sourced for quality and come with the reassurance we are sure you have come to expect.