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Disotto BFFF awards TRIUMPH

Disotto BFFF awards TRIUMPH

This year is has been an absolute triumph for DiSotto Foods at the 2015 BFFF awards! A clean sweep in the "Best New Ice Cream" category with DiSotto taking Gold, Silver AND Bronze!

DiSotto won the Gold Award with our Tiramisu Gelato, whilst the Silver Award is for our Figs & Marsala Gelato and the Bronze Award is for our Lemon Curd Sorbet.

Here is an extract of from the BFFF website, "The Gold Award winner is a classic Italian dessert with a seriously creamy and indulgent Gelato with mascarpone, shot of coffee and pieces of crunchy shortbread biscuits which is also suitable for vegetarians. Our Craft Guild of Chefs just loved this Tiramisu Gelato with one describing it as being, “Yummy-Yummy. Very good quality, very good flavours and textures, good colour and easy to serve.”

 BUT WAIT... it doesn't stop there. DiSotto also won Gold in the "Best New Multi-Portion Product" category with our delicious Lasagna Caserecce. This is what BFFF had to say, "The Gold Award this year goes to DiSotto Foods with their Lasagne Caserecce. DiSotto Foods have many years of product experience and their range has been developed to offer high-quality mix of traditional, authentic and innovative products. Products are made with premium ingredients and can form the basis of an exceptional menu with great presentation and plate appeal. The Gold Award winning product is a traditional Italian five layer lasagne made with rich ragu of beef and pork. Our judges certainly thought that this product was top notch with one saying, “A good product, looks good in tray, good colour, good layers of pasta and filling, pasta good quality as is the filling, good flavours.”

BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) is the UK’s frozen food trade association, with over 300 members comprising Producers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Retailers and related Associate businesses.

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