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Whole Fish Steak & Fillets

Whole Fish Steak & Fillets
41FG12 Scottish Sliced Smoked Salmon1 x 454 g
41FG31 Smoked Salmon Trimmings1 x 250g
40FG162 Cod Loins - 6oz5 x 1kg
40FG93 Vietnamese Seabass Fillets1 x 5kg
40FG23 Haddock Fillets 8/10 oz1 x 4.54 kg
40FG52 Swordfish Steak 8/10 oz1 x 4.54 kg
40FG58 Seabass Fillets 80/120g1 x 5kg
40FG64 Halibut Steaks 8/10 oz1 x 4.54 kg
40FG89 Monkfish Fillets 200/400 g1 x 5kg
40FG90 Salmon Fillets 6/7 oz1 x 10
40FG13 Tuna Supremes 6/7 oz1 x 5kg
40FG10 Dover Sole 16/181 x 10 kg
40FG14 Portuguese Sardines5 x 1kg
40FG22 Lemon Sole Fillets 140/170 g1 x 4.54 kg
40FG28 Dover Sole 18/201 x 10 kg
41FG25 Rainbow Trout 9/11 oz1 x 2.5 kg
40FG57 Whole Seabass 16/18 oz1 x 5 kg

We offer a wide range of whole and portioned fish and seafood. As with our dessert range these have been sourced for quality and come with the reassurance we are sure you have come to expect.