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41FG121 CPTO King Prawn 31/401 x 1kg
41FG122 800 g Block RHSO King Prawn U51 x 800g
41FG171 RHSO King Prawns IQF U51 x 908 g
41FG172 RHSO King Prawns IQF 8/121 x 908 g
41FG174 Head On Black Tiger Prawns 13/151 x 1kg
41FG175 Head On Black Tiger Prawns 8/121 x 1kg
41FG176 RHSO Black Tiger Prawns 26/301 x 1.2 kg
41FG177 RHSO Black Tiger 21/251 x 1.2 kg
41FG181 BLOCK RHSO King Prawn 6/81 x 800 g
41FG185 Head On Black Tiger Prawn 21/301 x 1kg
41FG195 BAG Deveined Blk Tiger 16/201 x 1kg
41FG196 RHSO King Prawn IQF 6/81 x 908 g
41FG21 Crevettes 20/301 x 2 kg
41FG214 RHSO King Prawns IQF 13/151 x 908 g
41FG42 800 g Block RHSO King Prawn 8/121 x 800 g
41FG44 P + D Blk Tiger Tail On 16/201 x 1 kg
41FG63 Peeled Prawns 150/2501 x 2kg
41FG71 Crevettes 10/201 x 2 kg
41FG88 Peeled Prawns 100/2001 x 2.27 kg
41FG153 Deveined Blk Tiger IQF 26/301 x 1 kg
41FG173 Head On Black Tiger Prawn 16/201 x 1 kg
41FG178 Block Deveined Blk Tiger 31/401 x 1kg
41FG180 Block RHSO King Prawn 16/201 x 800 g
41FG45 Luxury Prawns 150/2501 x 2.5 kg

We offer a wide range of whole and portioned fish and seafood. As with our dessert range these have been sourced for quality and come with the reassurance we are sure you have come to expect.